Monday, October 31, 2011

Caramel Apples

My friend Deseree made these apples for a good friends baby shower we planned back in April. They were honestly the best I have EVER had. The caramel was sooo good. There were quite a few asking for this recipe, including me. Definitely a keeper. 

1.5 cups sugar
1.5 cups brown sugar
1.5 karo syrup (light corn syrup)
1.5 cups butter
1 14oz. can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
Mix all the ingredients over medium heat and boil until they hit softball stage, about 238-240 degrees F. Let the caramel cool just until it coats a wooden spoon and doesn't all run off. Have your apples washed and ready to go with sticks already in the top. Spray a cookie sheet or other large, flat pan with cooking spray. Coat the apples and place on the pan. Let them set about 10-15 minutes, until the caramel is no longer sticky. While waiting for the caramel to set melt your chocolate. I use Guittard Milk chocolate chips, they are my favorite, but some of the most expensive. Just be careful not to use the kind of chocolate that would go in a fountain because it doesn't set back up. For white chocolate you can use just about any kind, but you have to be really careful melting it cause it burns really easy. Then just get whatever else you want to go on top- nuts, candy bars, cookies- chopped and ready to cover. You also want to have small plates, like salad plates, sprayed with cooking spray and clear out plenty of space in your freezer.
You will have a little bit of a base of caramel that has settled off the apple. We just fold it up under the bottom to give a little extra caramel. Have your toppings ready to go with a spoon in each one to coat or drizzle. When putting on the base coat just use a big spoon and spread it with the back of the spoon until it covers. Once you have it covered with what you want put it immediately in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes or until chocolate is no longer tacky (White chocolate will set faster than milk and tends to crack if you leave it in there too long so if you use a white chocolate base then it will probably be less than 10 minutes). Use a small spatula (like the Pampered Chef small server thing) to get it off the plate. If you want nuts or whatever topping all over the sides then you can roll the apple in them, that will coat it a little better.

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